Thursday, August 4, 2011

Product Comparison: Crocs Vs. Converse

I never thought I'd write about shoes, but here I am...

It's been one year since I had my red Converse All Star. I wore them every now and then and I wont deny it: they look cool. So cool, that I forgot about possibly the most important thing when it comes to shoes (at least for me).


When in doubt, it should be mind over matter. If it has no comfort, why am I wearing it? Then I found out that Crocs had the answer all along.

Crocs, widely known for their ugly-ducking-rubber-shoes-with-bullet-holes (other wise known as "Classic") apparently has been making shoes that, well, actually look like shoes for some time. Crocs Hover Lace-up is such an example.

From a distance, these two shoes look very much alike. The only difference someone could pick out would be the Crocs logo on the side of the Hover Lace-up. Up close, the Hover Lace-up appears to be a bit wider than the All Star at the front, which does make it easier to put on. Materials wise, Hover Lace-up is made up of very light weight material and even more comfortable interiors. All Star is heavier than it needs to be, while providing no comfort what so ever even with the extra cushions I bought for them.

Hover Lace-up is all stitched up as well, which means there's no glue anywhere unlike the All Star. This gives me an option of just tossing the Hover Lace-up in the washing machine for an easy clean.

I've had my Hover Lace-up for about 2 months now and am quite happy. I've walked just about everywhere with it as it become my everyday shoe. Walking around 5-8 hours straight is obtained effortlessly. This is a vast improvement from the All Star, which I would feel pain in my feet within 2 hours walking in it.

Oh right, and it looks pretty cool, too.

Comfort and the cool looks. Best of both worlds.