Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canon EOS-3 (Not Really a Review)

This is Canon 5D of the film-era. It's also a good way to piss away film.

I had a silly thought in the Summer of this year: "Hey, what if I get an AUTO-FOCUS FILM CAMERA?"

Okay, maybe this is a bad way to start this post. EOS-3 is an amazing camera. It has 45 AF points, and even seem to focus as fast as a 5D MK.II- if not, faster. It has a good enough build quality. Not quite like the Canon 1V or the Nikon F5, but it's not made out of paper, either. And most of all, I enjoyed shooting with it through out this Summer. Well, until I got my negatives back from the photo lab.

Having the auto-focus system that spoils its user, every time I used the EOS-3, I shot like I shoot with a digital camera. Shooting things several times just in case and because I think I got the room in my memory card. The only difference here is my memory cards for the EOS-3 came in either 24 or 36 shots and were meant for single use. It's not a pleasant thing to see a roll of negatives where most of the shots are the same. And to add insult to my own injuries, they were not even moving subjects.

Owning the EOS-3 more or less felt like having a very, very enthusiastic girlfriend: You keep having to use condomsfilm. And you really shouldn't use the same one over and over.*

There are things that I am still excited about the EOS-3, though, like the Eye Control Focus (ECF) system. Upon calibration, the user simply looks at the part of the viewfinder, and the camera will focus in that area. Considering this camera came out back in 1999, that is a very impressive feature. It doesn't really work with people who wear glasses, and I did use this feature less than a handful of times, but it's probably one of the features I like the most.

Going back to the thought I had earlier this Summer, it really sounded like a good idea back then. It works with all my Canon lenses, it even loads my film for me (I only have to pull the film a line in the back, and it will latch on automatically once the door is closed) and it knows what film it has been loaded with and sets the ISO automatically. I don't even have to wind the film, it does that by itself, too. Once the film is finished, it winds it back. Again, by itself. Heck, even Ken Rockwell likes this camera. And funny enough, this is the only full frame Canon camera I own!

As I said before, Canon EOS-3 is an amazing camera, but it's just not for everybody. Despite shooting with digital the way I do, I like doing everything myself once it comes to film. The loading of the film, the winding, the focusing, the rewinding of the film, etc. I even miss going to a dark room now. Maybe I'm just the type to work harder than I need to for my own photos, but that's just me, I guess.

Regrettably, my EOS-3 that I shot 4 rolls of film through, is now up for sale. Thankfully, I still have my other film camera , which I use more often.

*: Unless you like multiple exposures.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smokes's Poutinerie World Poutine Eating Contest

Today marked the 2nd annual World Poutine Eating Contest and the poutine was supplied by none other than Smokes's Poutinerie. Being a fan and as well as a regular customer of Smokes's, I just had to head down to the Roger's Centre Skydome and check it out.
A fine way to spend a Saturday evening.
The concept of the contest is simple: Eat as much poutine as you can within 10 minutes. The one who consumes most poutine wins. The speakers were quite bad and I had trouble hearing the names, so I actually don't know the name of this year's winner, but it was a fun to watch nonetheless. Free poutine was being given away throughout the event, which I took advantage of. Even walked away with a hat and a shirt. The real question now is, what was I doing taking photos instead of entering the competition? Well, maybe next year.

Below are the rest of the photos.