Friday, January 20, 2012

X in Product Names

Warning: This was posted simply out of boredom.

After a whole sack of new cameras that were announced through out CES that just passed, I had realized something. X is everywhere. Here is a small list of X's we'll be seeing for while. X lenses by Panasonic, Canon EOS 1DX, Canon Powershot G1 X, Fujifilm FinepiX X PRO-1, Fujifilm FinepiX XS-1

I don't particularly like the idea, or dislike it. I'm just shocked and maybe ashamed that I haven't realized over the years because X has been around for an eXtremely long time. Not just Fujifilm FinepiX X100 and X10 or Nikon's FX and DX lenses or their CoolpiX, even films and film cameras had X's in them. Ilford XP2 and Kodak Tri-X film and both of my Minolta cameras have X's in their names. And that's just a tiny part of the list. There's plenty more out there.

If you're still reading this, I really have no point to make here in this post, though I should never say it, but its true! I'm simply a little freaked out because now whenever I see an X in a product's name, I automatically consider buying it, partially due to the name. It sounds stupid, but it really seems to be marketing at it's best. Even this whole X-shinanigan got me thinking about how PentaX would have done a better job selling their dinky little PentaX Q's, if they had simply named it PentaX X. I'll stop the silly rant here.

But the point is: X sells.

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